The John Galt School is a one-semester-long educational program devoted to the philosophy of Objectivism that is being realised in countries of the Western Balkans. The goal of the program is to spark interest in young and ambitious individuals who are hungry for knowledge in philosophy, sociology, economics and politics, in order to intellectually empower them for their future roles in society. As part of the program, key philosophical, moral and political concepts are put into the context of the philosophy of Objectivism.  The school is especially recommended to those individuals who seek to educate themselves about the different traditions of the political philosophy of liberalism, as well as those who want to better understand the societal and political processes in their country, region and the world.
The attendees will be provided with literature that follows the lectures, as well as other materials and a library that contains more than a dozen books by Ayn Rand and other Objectivist authors.  .


Just as Hegel’s dialectic is reflected upon the truth, Rand’s selfishness is reflected in Objectivism, and when you merge truth with Objectivism, you get perfection of cognition elevated to the highest level.

Kemal Bašić, JGS Alumni

Ayn Rand positions herself to her audience as a therapist before a patient. The first step toward healing is getting to know and accepting one’s own nature. Then comes getting in line with the needs and selfish genes, so that the highest goal – the realization of one’s own self in his most glamourous form – is reached.

Aldina Jahić, JGS Alumni

To be selfish is to know yourself, to strive for the very best, happiest version of oneself, while not trampling on others. To be selfish requires courage, and I am proud that there is a philosophy for which I can say that I belong to. A philosophy of happiness, knowledge, responsibility, reason, ethics – the philosophy of Objectivism

Darjan Minov, JGS Alumni

Ayn Rand is among the rare philosophers who, after Hegel, offer a full, rounded philosophical system. She connects issues of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics, and esthetics in such a rigorous way, all in the service of defining and putting forth a vision of the ideal man.

Jelena Cupać, JGS Lecturer

In order to understand a certain era, or a certain people, we have to understand their philosophy, which means that we ourselves have to be philosophers. Philosophy is a kind of adventure that we let ourselves get involved with and that is why acquainting young people with Objectivism is so important for the development of their critical faculty.

Maja Vrtarić, JGS Lecturer

It is difficult to sum up in one lecture all the events, ups, downs and people that have determined the life of Ayn Rand. Here we have an exceptional person who lived the life of her own heroes.

Admir Čavalić, JGS Lecturer